Watertight Sliding Doors

Watertight Sliding Doors

Winel is one of the leading global manufacturers of watertight sliding doors for ships and the offshore sector.

We manufacture four types, which are available in a wide range of sizes and with various options to assemble a custom made door at your requirements.

1. Eagle; Electro Hydraulic operation
2. Condor; Fully Electric operation
3. Albatros; Electro Hydraulic operation (suitable for passenger vessels)
4. Seagull; Hand Hydraulic operation (suitable for passenger vessels)

Each door is included with a (hydraulic) power unit and watertight control box, and tested for water pressure. Our proven design is easy to adjust and maintain, and seals can be replaced within minutes. This results in a lower cost of ownership.

For the offshore oil and gas industry we developed heavy-duty WTS doors up to 60-meter water pressure.
- Winel A60 Watertight Fire doors are fully MED Certified as fire doors according to FTP-Code 2010.
- Winel A60 Watertight Fire doors are type approved by DNV-GL according to the latest rules for Classifications of ships and mobile offshore Units and to comply with the International Load line Convention, 1966. Individual approvals for ABS, LRS, BV are available.

- Wheelhouse and/or Emergency Control panels for remote closing and indication at the bridge
- Integration with VDR and alarm monitoring systems
- Serial data connection (RS 422)
- EEX on one or two sides of the door
- 20 mm low sill execution or fully flush installation with stainless steel sillplate
- Safety bar
- Fully electric driven
- A60 insulation or fully A60 certified.

WTSD Eagle

– 1 or 2 cylinders
– 140 mm sill or low sill (20 mm)

WTSD Condor

– 140 mm sill or low sill (20 mm/40 mm)
– Turn drive
– Lightweight bolted

WTSD Albatros

– 1 or 2 cylinders
-140 mm sill or low sill (20 mm)

WTSD Seagull

– 1 or 2 cylinders
– 140 mm or low sill (20 mm)


Winel A60 Watertight Fire doors 60mWc and 30mWc



Productsheet Eagle

Productsheet Condor

Productsheet Albatros

Productsheet Seagull

Productsheet Wheelhouse panel

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