Shell Doors & Special Projects

Shell Doors & Special Projects

Winel produces custom-made shell doors and platforms for the Mega Yacht Building Industry.

High-end design combined with many years of experience in watertight systems, will guarantee optimum comfort while radiating luxury and refinement. Every little detail has been carefully thought of. For an effortless and smooth performance every construction has been designed to operate time and again. All our specials are uniquely designed and developed with the highest standards in mind.

Modern yacht building requires thinking beyond limitations. Our engineers are here for you to make every dream come true. Driven by innovation and passion, we have designed and built many seemingly impossible masterpieces. Having engineering, production, assembly included FAT and commissioning combined, your wishes can be incorporated without compromise.

Tender Garage Doors

Over the years proven concepts form the basis for customized demands. At Winel we understand what is expected of mega yacht building. We produce state of the art, hydraulically powered tender garage doors that fit flawlessly into the hull. Limited time span? 3D-model for the first impression can be delivered in a couple of days. Construction can be done in steel, aluminum, stainless steel or a combination for the perfect design.

Sizes up to 15 x 3,5 m are available. Supply is always being done complete with a part of the surrounding (shell) for easy installation in the hull.

Bottom Hinged Platforms

The ultimate way of relaxation with friends and family on board is done on a bottom hinged sea terrace. Enjoy the view and experience freedom as far as the horizon reaches.

Winel creates bottom hinged sea terraces, bulwarks, transom doors and balconies as you please. We can fulfill a complete turnkey project within your time limits. Feel free to discuss with us any detail you like prepared for lights, pop-up cleats, railings, cameras, teak, etc.


Crew Entrance doors

Your crew deserves the best equipment. For crew entrance, bunkering, etc. you can choose from a couple of standard concepts that can be customized very easily. Inside-hinged, outside pantografic, bottom-hinged or top-hinged doors are all available at Winel.

Transom Doors

Winel is giving new meaning to the world of yachting with bottom hinged transom doors that can be outfitted as a luxurious sea terrace, giving access to a nice lounge area at the aft of the yacht.

We can supply your bottom hinged transom doors with a shower or a jet ski launch system to accommodate the owner and his guests with the most wonderful watersport experience.

Foldable Bulwarks

The sky is the limit and Winel’s engineering and design team are capable of developing solutions that have never been supplied before.

A great example of innovation and technical perfection in modern yacht building is our foldable, bottom-hinged bulwark.

For a wide ocean view, we created a construction to enlarge the terrace by developing a foldable bulwark complete with integrated side boarding ladder, which slides out or can be lowered out of the terrace. The fully automatic folding out railing work is stored below the teak floor. In out folding position no recesses or gaps are visible. First lifted and secondly folded bulwarks can be made to create more free walking space. Creation of the perfect yacht environment starts at Winel.

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