Look inside

Look inside

Winel Industry Group is a unique partner with in-house engineering, production, assembling and testing of the complete portfolio.

Winel B.V. and NT Electronics have their base in Assen, Staalart production is located in Blokzijl and in Haiphong Winel Vietnam is producing. In total over 150 skilled people working day by day to get everything on time and according to the customer and class requirements.

Our R&D team succeed in getting new products on the market on a regular base.

Situated near inland waterways with over 20.000 m² shop makes it possible to handle and transport big shell doors and platforms.

Certified welders in combination with a GL certified Shop approval form the base for a more than standard quality whether products are made in steel, aluminium, stainless steel or composites.

Health and safety is a daily business. With a Health and Safety Manager, VCA and RI&E programme we eliminate accidents.

Almost every item is custom built, however to produce in a most efficient way it's all designed on a modular. In case our welders need more information, local computer systems connected with Autocad viewers make the connection between engineering and production.